Project Finance

The Firm assists and supports small and medium enterprises with the drafting and negotiation of any contracts and documents usually required by banks and/or equity funds with reference to a project financing transaction.

Starting from the negotiation of the facility and loan agreement to any mortgage security agreement; from the pledge agreement regarding the shares held by the shareholder in any special purpose vehicle company (SPV) to any possible direct agreement between the financing bank and any third contractor entrusted with operation and maintenance as well as engineering and procurement services to be rendered to the SPV; from the bank and/or insurance bond to any guarantee and/or comfort letter issued by the SPV’s holding company; from the special privilege on movable goods to the pro soluto or pro solvendo assignment of credits and/or other kind of guarantees.

Our support covers the drafting, assessment, amendment, adjustment and negotiation of letters of intent and memorandum of understanding; confidentiality, non-disclosure and/or non-circumvention agreements; any check list and assistance for the due diligence exercise; agreements-to-agree and final agreements, from the signing and the interim period to the final closing and the monitoring of any situation subsequent or post-closing.

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