The Firm assists small and medium enterprises as well as start ups regarding all those services an in-house lawyer usually provides. The firm offers to those companies which cannot afford the costly employment of a permanent in-house general counsel an outsourced on-going assistance regarding their corporate affairs.

The Firm’s advice covers the daily corporate operations such as the appointment and revoke of the company’s directors, officers, members of the board of directors as well as supervisors and members of the supervisory board considering one of the governance system in Italian corporate law (traditional, monistic or dualistic system); operations of transfer or pledge of shares or stocks; assistance for scheduling and holding  ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings, including  drafting the relevant minutes and filing them to the competent companies’ register; drafting and negotiating shareholders’ side agreements, put and call options (including the typical drag-along and tag-along clauses; any amendment or adjustment to their corporate by-laws or articles of association (including the drafting of special clauses such as the Russian Roulette Clause in order to avoid cases of deadlock); share capital increases or reductions, as well as  reductions regarding losses that caused the share capital to fall below the threshold of two-thirds set by the law; ordinary accounting and book keeping; advice with respect to any fiscal and tax duty; periodical tax declaration; drafting of fiscal statements and reports, including the directors’ financial statement or report.

Furthermore, the  advice that the Firm offers also covers special operations such as the incorporation of new companies,drafting the by laws or articles of association; opening branches, permanent establishments, regional organisational units and offices; merger and acquisitions, including cases of leveraged-buy-out; the conversion of the company’s form; the company’s winding up with or without liquidation; and the company’s admission to an insolvency or pre-insolvency procedure.


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